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General Reference Works

Classified Bibliography of Reference Works on Chinese Historical Geography (English) includes general works; cartography and maps; toponymical dictionaries down to the provincial and local levels; bibliographies of articles and books; handbooks on Chinese geographers and historians of geography; catalogues of gazetteers. This document is maintained by Thomas H. Hahn, Cornell University.

The Chinese Biographical Database contains (Chinese and English) 2, 500 biographies as of 12/02/98. It has developed new ways to utilize historical database materials via the internet. This database project aspires to develop a dynamic, scholarly moderated database that is not for downloading but for utilization and expansion on line. The project director is Marilyn A. Levine, Lewis-Clark State College.

Chinese and Japanese Art History (English) includes information on symposia, conferences, grants and other items of interest to graduate student of Chinese and Japanese art history. See also Images for paintings, archaeological materials, maps, etc. This page contains a summary of all the picture files available on the Brooklyn Core 9 Chinese Culture Website, along with their sources.

Online Bibliographies for Chinese Studies(English) contains 53 links to electronic bibliographies and closely related resources classified under: reference works; history; literature; religion and philosophy; art; area studies; medicine; gender and women studies; dictionaries; miscellaneous subjects; other lists of bibliographies. The document is maintained by Fabrizio Pregadio.

Classical Bibliography for Chinese History (Chinese and English ). It was used by Prof. Benjamin Elman for exercises on sinological reference works. It cites a great number of important materials.

It may soon be updated and moded to:

Bibliography of Chinese Bibliography (Chinese) has a very good selection of reference works in Chinese. The document is compiled by Bunri Usami.

Bibliographic Chapters of Chinese Dynastic Histories (Japanese) includes bibliographical monographies in: Han shu; Sui shu; Jiu Tang shu; Xin Tang shu; Song shi; Ming shi. The document is produced by Katsuyama Minoru.

Modern Chinese History: A Basic Bibliography (English) focuses on the late Qing and early Republican periods. It is an extensive bibliography and is classified by subjects. The document is compiled by University of California at San Diego.

Annotated Bibliography of Chan Texts (Zenseki Kaidai) (Japanese) is divided into sections on bibliographies, primary sources, collectanea, Dunhuang texts, and texts from the Tang period onwards. It is an invaluable resources for Buddhist and especially Chan/Zen studies. The document is produced by Yanagida Seizan.

Women and the Female in Buddhism (English) includes a selection of book about women, the "divine femine," and the female influence in Buddhism. Most of the books are by women, although male authors are also included. The document is compiled by the International Association of Buddhist Women.

The Taoist Cannon: A Guide to Studies and Reference Works (Chinese and English) is a bibliographic essay on the study of the Taoist Canon: general works; history for the Canon; modern reprints; catalogues; indexes; concordances; and other collections of Taoist texts, and bibliographies.

China: Philosophy and Religion (English) includes comprehensive information on Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, Confucianism, the Book of Changes, Tibetan Buddhism and Islam. It gives an annotated directory of internet resources.


Bibliography of Theory of Chinese Art (Chinese) lists Chinese sources, and Chinese and Japanese studies. The document is produced by Bunri Usami.

A Selective Bibliography on East-Asia Art (English) is a short, annotated list of essential works. The document is compiled by Asian Studies Development Program.

Bibliography of Titles on Photography in China before 1949 (Chinese and English) is an annotated work, providing information on the regions, cities, etc. covered by each book. The document is compiled by Thomas Hahn.

Chinese Calligraphy (English) has updated reference works on Chinese calligraphy. The document is compiled by Marilyn Shea.

Books on Chinese Furniture (English) is compiled by Curtis Evarts.

Chinese Cinema: Scholarly Works and Articles (English) is compiled by Sun Shao-yi.

Inscriptions and Oracular Bones (English) is an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources, arranged by author. The document is compiled by East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University.

China Bibliography-Collections of Resources (English) includes a wide selection of bibliographies arranged by subject. The document is compiled by Marilyn Shea.

Art Scene China (English) has reference works on contemporary Chinese art. It is arranged by subject: paintings, prints, woodcuts, sculptures, photographs, computer images, etc..

Chinese Internet Resources (Chinese and English) has an extensive bibliography of Chinese resources. It is arranged by subject: Resources; Chinese History; Chinese Philosophy; Taoism; Chinese Art; Chinese literature; etc.

Chinese Art Net Online Gallery (Chinese and English) has information on museums, Art Academy, galleries, artists, and art journals, etc. It also includes paintings of dynasties.

Chinese Cultural Studies: Images (English) contains images of the following categories: maps, archaeology, art, divinities, people, historical sites, historical illustrations, technology, customs, stereotypes and Middle East Images.

The China Experience: China Culture Index (Chinese and English) is a very comprehensive bibliography of Chinese art and social history, including traditional Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, writing on silk, the History of Engraving, Interior painting in snuff bottles, dragon and phoenix, Jade Ware, Lacquer ware, Ceramic and Ceradon, Ethnic Arts and Crafts, etc..

Chinese Folk Art (English) includes Chinese peasant paintings, note cards, decorative plates, calendars, satin embroidery, paper cuts, jewelry, Chinese stamps, Tiger shoes, Chinese Kites, etc.

Twentieth-century Chinese Art Bibliography (English) is a bibliography of general reference works and artists weighted towards the late 20th century. The document is maintained by Britta Erickson.

Splendor of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Museum (English) is maintained by Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Art History Resources (English) is a website maintained by Chris Witcombe. It is arranged by country: China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam, etc.. The bibliography of Chinese art is very comprehensive, arranged by dynasties.

China the Beautiful (Chinese and English) is one of the most active web sites on Chinese culture. It is also considered as one of the best sites on Chinese calligraphy.

Asian Calligraphy (Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean) is a small but very good and updated site. It is arranged by subject: introduction, history, styles, the way of calligraphy, theory, practice, the Chinese scholar, the four treasures of a calligrapher, calligraphy of past and present, Asian calligraphy supplies and resources, Asian calligraphy references, and miscellaneous web pages with calligraphy and appendix. The document is maintained by Derek Jones.

Chinese Paintings (English) has an online painting catalog, Chinese painting information, and Chinese symbols and Glossary. It is weighted towards the 20th century.

Chinese Art (English) includes Chinese traditional art and contemporary art. It covers exhibition reviews, critical essays, interviews with leading artists and links to galleries around the world featuring Chinese contemporary art. The document is maintained by Katya Kazakina.

Culture and Art (English) includes useful electronic sources on: architecture, bookbinding, photography, drawing and illustration, painting, calligraphy, music and furniture etc.. The document is maintained by Hanno Lecher.

Guide to Tibetan Art, Theatre and Music (English) offers comprehensive information on Tibet and Tibetan culture. The document is maintained by T. Matthew Ciolek (1995-1997) and Janice M. Glowski (1997-2002).

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