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Several major collections are available in microform editions, located on the second floor. These collections may be viewed, printed, or scanned. A few important examples in Marquand Library are described below.

Cicognara Library
The Cicognara Library: literary sources in the history of art and kindred subjects edited by Philipp Fehl and Lizabeth Wilson Urbana, IL: Leopoldo Cicognara Program, University of Illinois Library in association with the Vatican Library, 1989. Microfiche.

The Cicognara microforms reproduce the complete collection of the Cicognara Library, now in the Vatican Library. The collection, assembled by Leopoldo Cicognara in the early nineteenth century, consists of approximately 5,000 books on art and related topics and ranges from the sixteenth through the early nineteenth century.

A guide to the collection, Catalogo ragionato dei libri d'arte e d'antichità posseduti dal conte Cicognara is available in Marquand Library, please ask at the front desk for assistance.

New York Public Library Artists File

10,878 microfiches containing records, clippings and other ephemera regarding artists. Arranged alphabetically by artist's last name. This file is particularly useful for information on regional and lesser known artists. An index, also on fiche, is provided.

Museum of Modern Art Artist Files

5,699 Microfiches containing prints, textual and biographical materials from journals, newspapers, gallery exhibitions, etc. arranged alphabetically by artist's name. This file is particularly useful for information on regional and lesser known artists. Includes index of artists' names.

History of Photography

Marquand has a significant collection of history of photography materials on microform. It includes Photographica: a subject catalog of books on photography, which also contains articles and pamphlets concerning photography, the Victoria and Albert Museum photographic collection, 1843-1915, Photographs from the collections of the Department of Prints and Photographs, Bibliotheque Nationale, as well as many early periodicals concerning photography.

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