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Search Fields

Use Search to look for words in article titles are in subject fields. Booleans searching can be used to limit the number of records per query.

About Narrowing Searches

You can narrow or expand the scope of your search request by using the conjunctions AND, OR, and AND NOT to combine indexes or search terms. (These words are sometimes referred to as "logical operators" or "Boolean operators".) 

Use Boolean operators when searching between any field, e.g., subject field: tokamaks <and> title field: plasma in the title field.
* AND narrows search results. You retrieve only records indexed under both (or all) parts of your search request.
* OR expands search results. You retrieve records indexed under either (or any) parts of your search request.
* AND NOT narrows search results. You retrieve only records indexed under the first but not the second part of your search request. 

Case Sensitivity of search terms:

Should you use upper case, lower case or mixed case words?
Always case insensitive: enter words all in lower case, all in upper case or in mixed case. The results produced will be the same.


Use the asterisk (*) or a pound sign (#) to search word stems from the left or right. The search will automatically right truncate search queries.

Searching for Author Names

Choose the "Author" field; enter names in the form

Search Terms Syntax

Except for author searches, separate words with spaces (any commas or quotes will be treated as part of the search phrase). PPLCat will automatically search for simple plurals and word stems (words that have differnet endings -- ex. search pin will also find pinch, pinched, pinning, pinhole.

Search Ranges

You can now use >, <, >=, <= to precede a search value (e.g., ">= 1997").

Results display

After running a search, your results will be displayed (assuming there is at least one match). The results display will indicate the total number of records that match your search but show fifteen titles on each page. Use the "NEXT VALUES" button to display the next fifteen titles or "PREVIOUS VALUES" for the previous fifteen entries. Results are limited to 1000 records. You will need to limit a large search with the publication year, additional title or subject terms, or an author name. The Browse option will display the number of records in each search (e.g. number of occurrances of the "plasma" as a subject word)
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