Library Training and Meeting  Rooms

Mudd Library Seminar Room
The John Marshall Harlan Room

The Mudd Library Seminar Room, officially called the John Harlan Room, is a small meeting room in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at 65 Olden Street.  It is used both for staff meetings and bibliographic instruction.  It may be reserved by all Library staff.

Library staff may also use the Wiess Lounge (with two tables, six chairs, a couch, and seven lounge chairs) and the Microfilm Room (with two tables and four chairs). Please note, however, that researchers and staff may also need to have access to the Wiess Lounge and the Microfilm Room during their scheduled time of use.  The Seminar Room, on the other hand, provides a private setting for meetings or training events.


Responsibilities of Trainers: Scheduling:
Contact Mudd Library (8-6345 ) to check for availability and additional guidelines.
For special needs or problems in scheduling, contact Tracy Hall (8-6807)

Last updated 9/19/2007