Library Training and Meeting  Rooms

Stokes Library, Wallace Hall,  Library Instruction Room

The instructional classroom is located in Room 70 of the Donald E. Stokes Library, in the lower level of Wallace Hall. Its primary purpose is for classes conducted by Princeton University Library staff for students and the Princeton University community, emphasizing subject area research, specific-resource training, course-related instruction, and student orientations. The classroom is also used for computer workshops held by the Woodrow Wilson School, Office of Population Research, and Sociology Department. The classroom reverts to general Library Web Computers when not reserved for class sessions.


Workstation connections:

This is a partial list. Contact  to check for other software or to request additional applications to be added for your training purposes.

Responsibilities of Trainers:

Check the online Schedule of Reservations for Stokes Library, Wallace Hall,  Instructional Classroom. Then use the online Room Reservation Form. Online reservation requests are sent to the Stokes Library for approval and are then posted on the room reservation schedule.

For special needs or problems in scheduling, contact the Stokes Library (258-5455) 

Last updated 10/20/2009