“Expedition Passing Through Point Lata on the Ice, June 25, 1821” [George Back]


At 11h 30m AM we set off—our men being divided into two parties—the one conveying the canoes on sledges, with the aid of two dogs to each—and the other dragging immensely ponderous loads—The scene was interesting and novel—A lake bounded on each side with high and almost perpendicular rocks, whose green summits were capp'd with large stones—and whose vallies displayed at certain distances a few solitary clumps of pines—claimed the first attention—whilst the continued ranges of receding blue hills—which the eye lost ultimately in the grey dimness of the atmosphere—was scarcely less attractive—our own cavalcade possessed the centre, and what with the total innovation of transporting canoes in such a manner—the singular appearance of the men and sledges—the positions and dress of the officers as well as the deep contrast between the perpetual silence of the place, and the animation of the party—afforded a most perfect view of a voyage of discovery. . .[Back, p. 129.]