“1st Communication, With the Natives of Boothia Felix” [Sir John Ross]

Knowing that the word of salutation between meeting tribes was Tima tima, I hailed them in their own language, and was answered by a general shout of the same kind; the detached man being then called in front of the line. The rest of my party now coming up, we advanced to within sixty yards, and then threw our guns away, with the cry of Aja, Tima; being the usual method, as we had learned it, of opening a friendly communication. On this, they threw their knives and spears into the air in every direction, returning the shout Aja, and extending their arms to show that they also were without weapons. But as they did not quit their places, we advanced, and embraced in succession all those in the front line, stroking down their dress also, and receiving from them in return this established ceremony of friendship. This seemed to produce great delight, expressed, on all hands, by laughing, and clamour, and strange gestures: while we immediately found ourselves established in their unhesitating confidence. [Ross, pp. 242-243.]