“Umingmak. (Commander J. C. Ross Killing a Musk Bull)” [on stone by J. Brandard from original drawing by John Ross]

It was very easy to see that my companion's weapons were of little value in this warfare, or that victory would not at least have been gained under many hours; as he continued to shoot without apparent effect, finding his opportunities for an aim with much difficulty, and losing much time, afterwards, in recovering his arrows. I was pleased, therefore, independently of the value of the expected game, to find an opportunity of showing him the superiority of our arms, and I therefore fired at the animal with two balls, at the distance of about fifteen yards. They took effect, and it fell: but rising again, made a sudden dart at us, standing close together as we were. We avoided the attack, by dodging behind a large stone which was luckily near us; on which, rushing with all its force, it struck its head so violently, that it fell to the ground with such a crash that the hard ground around us fairly echoed to the sound. My guide, on this, attempted to stab it with his knife; but failing in this, he sought shelter behind the dogs, which now again came forward to the attack. [James Clark Ross, p. 350 .]